Our scents capture the powerful connection in the brain between scent and memory. Each celebrates a cherished person or beloved place... we call them liquid memories. Inspired to bring wellness to others, founder Cord Coen drew on years of personal experiences with scent sensitivity. Any scent that gives him a reaction doesn't make it into this line. As a result, people with sensitivities are some of the most devoted ZENTS fans. With amazing ingredients and luxurious formulations, Zents products are ultra-therapeutic to soothe and heal from within. Using many natural ingredients, including herbal extracts, essential oils, and shea butter, our products are designed to improve the texture and look of skin, leaving it soft, and smooth, and lovely.

Fig Size Price Qty
Velvety and sultry, like Paris in the fall, Fig seduces the senses with top notes of clove bud and cinnamon bark, heart notes of pimento berry, and base notes of Tunisian musk and cognac.
Fig Lotion 6oz $ 30.00
Fig Concreta 1.25oz $ 36.00
Fig Body Oil 8.4oz $ 34.00
Fig Eau De Toilette 1.69oz $ 56.00
Fig Attar 5ml $ 40.00
Fig Shea Butter Soap 5.7oz $ 12.00

Mandarin Size Price Qty

With top notes of succulent mandarin, heart notes of tropical ginger blossom, and base notes of enchanting cardamom, warm nutmeg, and saffron, this exotic citrus scent is reminiscent of enchanting Oriental spice markets.
Mandarin Lotion 6oz $ 30.00
Mandarin Attar 5ml $ 40.00
Mandarin Concreta 1.25oz $ 36.00
Mandarin Body Oil 8.4oz $ 34.00
Mandarin Shea Butter Soap 5.7oz $ 12.00
Mandarin Eau De Toilette 1.69oz $ 56.00

Fresh Size Price Qty
Top notes of crisp linden blossom, juicy green apple, and warm lemon, with delicately balanced heart notes of cool cucumber and heliotrope create this light, pure scent and convey a timeless innocence and grace.
Fresh Lotion 6oz $ 30.00
Fresh Concreta 1.25oz $ 36.00
Fresh Body Oil 8.4oz $ 34.00
Fresh Eau De Toilette 1.69oz $ 56.00
Fresh Attar 5ml $ 40.00
Fresh Shea Butter Soap 5.7oz $ 12.00

Pear Size Price Qty
Top notes of wild mimosa and honeysuckle, heart notes of juicy d'Anjou pear and honeydew, and base notes of gardenia and vanilla bean make this scent jubilant and spontaneous, like a picnic with dear friends in the French countryside.
Pear Lotion 6oz $ 30.00
Pear Concreta 1.25oz $ 36.00
Pear Body Oil 8.4oz $ 34.00
Pear Eau De Toilette 1.69oz $ 56.00
Pear Attar 5ml $ 40.00
Pear Shea Butter Soap 5.7oz $ 12.00

Water Size Price Qty
Exhilarating top notes of coriander, linden blossom, and mint complement heart notes of refreshing lemon and soothing blue chamomile, making this rejuvenating scent sparkle like the cool waters of the Mediterranean.
Water Lotion 6oz $ 30.00
Water Concreta 1.25oz $ 36.00
Water Body Oil 8.4oz $ 34.00
Water Eau De Toilette 1.69oz $ 56.00
Water Attar 5ml $ 40.00
Water Shea Butter Soap 5.7oz $ 12.00

Petal Size Price Qty
Delicate freesia and exhilarating lemon top notes, a heart note of lily of the valley, and a base note of fresh rain infuse this light, dewy floral scent with the freshness of spring.

Petal Lotion 6oz $ 30.00
Petal Body Oil 8.4oz $ 34.00
Petal Concreta 1.25oz $ 36.00
Petal Attar 5ml $ 40.00
Petal Shea Butter Soap 5.7oz $ 12.00
Petal Eau De Toilette 1.69oz $ 56.00

Oolong Size Price Qty

Energizing top notes of lime blossom and petitgrain, and heart notes of delicate oolong tea and citrusy green tea refresh and invigorate, offering a sense of renewal and balance.
Oolong Lotion 6oz $ 30.00
Oolong Concreta 1.25oz $ 36.00
Oolong Body Oil 8.4oz $ 34.00
Oolong Eau De Toilette 1.69oz $ 56.00
Oolong Attar 5ml $ 40.00
Oolong Shea Butter Soap 5.7oz $ 12.00

Ore Size Price Qty

A citrusy top note of bergamot, heady heart notes of orris, violet, and jasmine, and deep base notes of bay laurel, clove, and black pepper make this sexy and intoxicating scent perfect for your wild side.

Ore Attar 5ml $ 40.00
Ore Shea Butter Soap 5.7oz $ 12.00
Ore Eau De Toilette 1.69oz $ 56.00
Ore Concreta 1.25oz $ 36.00
Ore Body Oil 8.4oz $ 34.00
Ore Lotion 6oz $ 30.00

Sun Size Price Qty

A top note of luxurious French vanilla, heart notes of sweet blood orange and pink grapefruit, and base notes of sultry sandalwood and golden amber make this scent warm and sensuous, like the feeling of being home.
Sun Concreta 1.25oz $ 36.00
Sun Shea Butter Soap 5.7oz $ 12.00
Sun Eau De Toilette 1.69oz $ 56.00
Sun Body Oil 8.4oz $ 34.00
Sun Lotion 6oz $ 30.00
Sun Attar 5ml $ 40.00

Earth Size Price Qty

In this clean, classic scent a top note of bergamot, heart notes of Siberian fir and frankincense, and base notes of Himalayan cedarwood and sandalwood convey a powerful sense of peace and express the restorative power of nature.

Earth Attar 5ml $ 40.00
Earth Body Oil 8.4oz $ 34.00
Earth Shea Butter Soap 5.7oz $ 12.00
Earth Concreta 1.25oz $ 36.00
Earth Lotion 6oz $ 30.00
Earth Eau De Toilette 1.69oz $ 56.00